LogTag-Cost Effective Logging Solutions

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LogTag-Cost Effective Logging Solutions

LT cost effective data logger

Impressive performance and unbeatable value

LogTag® data loggers are ideally suited when temperature or temperature and humidity need to be monitored and electronically recorded in a cost-effective and efficient way.
They provide re-assurance through seamless cold chain monitoring of fresh and frozen produce, medical products, pharmaceuticals and many more. Use them to document transportation of temperature and/or humidity sensitive goods, verify HVAC installations and monitor conditions in agriculture, animal, environment, horticulture and many other sectors. LogTag® products are used in just about every imaginable application, whether for simple dry room monitoring or complex pharmaceutical applications where stringent guidelines such as FDA21CFR11 apply – LogTag data loggers are the right choice!

New USB Loggers

For the first time the LogTag family of data loggers has two brand new members featuring integrated USB. The single trip USRIC-8 and the multi-use temperature logger UTRIX-16 are designed for direct connection to a computer with the ability to automaticaly generate a PDF-Report.

Temperature Indicators

Complementing the LogTag® data logger series, the electronic temperature indicator series is also available. Very often a yes/no statement is sufficient to know if temperatures have remained within pre-defined thresholds, without knowing the detailed temperature history. LogTag® Temperature Indicators TIC20 and TICT were specifically designed with these applications in mind. These cost effective indicators are priced from just £7.